Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin: Template for the Fall of America

Every time I think Republicans can get no lower, I am not surprised when they beat out my expectation and take another dip. What happened in Wisconsin yesterday was a swan dive straight into hell.

Here's how it went down:
  • Gov. Walker takes power, immediately gives corporations big tax cuts.
  • Gov. Walker suddenly has a money problem.
  • Gov. Walker & Repubs craft "budget" bill that strips public employee unions of right to collectively bargain (gov't control of wages, basically).
  • Gov. Walker shouts to the heavens that it is about the budget, not about busting unions.
  • Union workers protest over proposed bill.
  • Senate Democrats realize if they all leave, there will be no quorum, no vote, and bill cannot pass.
  • Senate Democrats must leave the state and shack up in Illinois because Gov. says he could "compel" them to the capitol (Read: worst episode of Cops evar)
  • Workers continue protest.
  • Gov. takes fake "Koch" call, reveals he is underhanded goon, wants to trick Dems into coming back.
  • Gov. says It's about the budget!
  • Gov. discusses bounty hunters to get the Dems back.
  • THEN: Breaking the legally-binding meeting rules, Republicans strip the bill of spending (therefore don't need a quorum) and pass the bill without Democrats.

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Yes, the same Republicans who look at the health care bill as being shoved down their throats just practiced some of the most dirty, underhanded, illegal politics ever seen. These are not just crafty, clever, or manipulative elected officials - these are terrible people who lied, cheated, and finally weaseled their way through to breaking the unions for the *sole purpose* of decimating a source of finance for the Democratic Party and sticking their middle finger up the ass of the American Public Employee.

Doc Thompson in for Glenn Beck skimmed over the video of the committee vote and lied to his listeners, saying there was a Democrat from the Senate who came back (It was a House Democrat presenting rules). Rush Limbaugh managed to call teachers lazy bums and protesters bullying mobs in the first couple minutes.

And the best thing to see is the people in Wisconsin get PISSED. Someone better. These are the first dominoes in the Republican master plan of Corporate Wealth-ocracy ruling over the proles. If you're not in Ohio or Idaho - where it's already happened - and not in Wisconsin, keep the TV on. It's coming. And if you're not part of a union? Head over your shoulder, there - you're next.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Scary stuff, isn't it?

Ricky Shambles said...

Living in Ohio, I'm pretty terrified.

bruce said...

it is easy for conservy-ish idiotards to operate in clandestinia...

both sides lie, no doubt, but...

ronny reagan, in the the last great role of his life, that he reprised for eight years, was the modern ring leader...

even as he traded arms for hostages and negotiated a deal while carter was still in office...

and tricky dicky the first great lying dick to be president (bushy was a puppet of daddy's boy dick)

and yet idoitards jump on the conservy band wagon thinking that stupid palin will lead this country to glory...

well mebbe a few glory holes....

i digress...

love your blog man, you are a link in my latest rant...i left you a commnent to on that blogpost as well

true colors