Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Minecraft Owns Me Now

So I watched this:

And I was like...meh.

Then I saw this yesterday:

I thought: Hey, something I could check out.

That's my dog. Well, it's not really mine. I've got this house, which is just kind of a hole in a hill, and I put a door on it and lit it with torches and I keep digging and digging and I made a work table and chests to hold stuff... - sorry, so occasionally when I go out to kill cows for hides or chop down trees (only during the day; night has bad monsters) and I come home I find a skeleton has spawned somehow and the bastard shoots arrows but I kill him, sometimes after a spawn or two of my own (still working on good armor) and when I do I get a bone. I found some wolves and fed one of them 4 bones. And his/her collar turned red and a little heart <3 popped out of its chest and since then it just followed me. And if I accidentally hit it with a pick axe while mining, it doesn't even mind. But I don't like that so I tell him/her to sit on my bed.

I don't have a name for him (or her) yet because I'm viciously mining, as I mentioned. Actually, it's dead. Let's stop playing games while playing games. That screenshot was from when I had it sit on the bed. But I felt so bad, cooped up all the time? So I let him/her follow me (as he/she is wont to do) and while mining away from home a creature called a creeper came around a corner and exploded (as they are wont to do) and Dog-With-No-Name was just gone. And now I have to use my wood to make planks to make a sign so I can put it in that mine and give my dog a name post-mortem as a memorial.

Seriously, this post was going to be happy. I love this game. Then Ricky died. Of course: Ricky.

Well, Ricky will get a sign, and I need to get back to mining. Because maybe a skeleton will spawn and I'll kill it and take the bones and give them to a wolf and I'll name it Rickyz and it will never be allowed off my bed. Evar.

Yay Minecraft! Right?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't real life depressing enough?

Randal Graves said...

This is what happens when you fail to find the +3 bag of Alpo.

Ricky Shambles said...

Debra- Yes. And feel free to click the video games tag at the bottom of my post and scroll down to my Dogmeat post. Dogs in video games, man.

Randal- Hells yeah. I should also be able to use my rare ores to fashion doggie armor. "Here's a dog that looks cute and follows you and has 2 hit points so if it likes you, keep it in a cage in your house. Oh, sorry - did a creeper spawn in your house next to your dog? Tough day.

I'm back up to 2 bones in inventory.

lunamother said...

I have a friend- a really grown up intelligent friend- who had to interrupt dinner with other friends to tend to her tree frog farm...from her PHONE. Ya'll are insane.