Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Couple of Notes on the Stupid Right

Today I heard Sean Hannity get really upset with the Republicans because there was a hint of some sort of deal that didn't drive the Democrats into the ground. It was cute, almost quaint in its madness. "They're not seeing the forest for the trees and right now Obama owns the forest and it's burning down!" Fucking adorable, really, in that "knuckle sandwich" "fisticuffs" "burns me up" throwback to Ward Cleaver language. It was somewhere between listening to a 4-year-old why he peed his pants and a 15-year-old trailer park baby-daddy read a love poem to his 35-year-old girlfriend on Jerry Springer.

Quick question: Are Cain and Bachmann getting crazier by the second? Yesterday I read that Bachmann openly prayed about being in the end days 6 years ago, and Herman Cain is hot and heavy on banning Mosques. Republicans won't run a Mormon, Black, or Woman anyway, but why make it so easy to say NO?

The budget thing is pretty basic: without borrowing, we'll have money to pay a good chunk of stuff that needs to be paid. But a whole bunch needs to be cut. We're talking large ticket items like Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Military, FBI, CIA, and all those fat legislators. So when Obama says "Social Security checks might not have funding" and Republicans say "Social Security will absolutely get funded" they're both improv-ing. No one has made those decisions yet.

The Republican plan is to KEEP IN POWER. This has so far been moderately successful. By cutting unions, making it more difficult for the poor, elderly, and disabled to live - let alone vote, and giving the rich more jerk-off money, they're setting up a powerful drive to create a two-class country, disenfranchise millions of people, and make us invent the better guillotine.

Few thoughts to toss around.


Kay Dennison said...

You betcha!!! I did a bit on my Tea Party congressman today. He wants to throw us grannies under the bus.

Question: Renacci owns a couple nursing homes. Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest?

Pearl said...

On behalf of the Great State of Minnesota, I'd like to both apologize and point a big finger (you choose) at Michelle Bachmann.

Sheesh. What a freak.


Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for coming by! I'm in Canton. I worked on SB 5, too! I am retired now but I've walked a picket line and come from a union family. I get about a dozen petitions a day from various political and union causes in my email & sign 99.9% of them. We have to fight back!

Pearl: I know she's not your fault -- I just want to know who voted for her. The Minnesotans I know seem so sane!

Sarah said...

There aren't that many rich people in America...so my question is, how do the middle & lower class become Republicans? How are they bamboozled into believing their agenda?

I can't understand it.