Monday, December 19, 2011

Mark Simone is a Lying Idiot

In my daily adventures traveling the dark and terrifying highways of the AM band, I'm bound to run into monsters. Many have been demystified; most I've encountered before. But while quietly observing these beasts I may see some new depravity, like a wild creature eating its own feces.

Thus was today's experience with this guy:

Mark Simone is a Lying Idiot

Mark Simone's got a gig on WABC in NY but today was subbing for Sean Hannity. The topic turned to Ron Paul because Ron Paul showed up on Leno and said Michele Bachmann doesn't like Muslims. You can see it here:

Oh, the humanity!

(Sidenote: Michele Bachmann, back in '05, in reference to Muslims in France, stated "Not all cultures are equal. Not all values are equal.")

But we're getting off topic. So we're back on Ron Paul and Mark Simone is jerking the Paul-supporting callers back and forth, putting words in their mouth, extrapolating opinions, generalizing, and changing the subject - for which all right wing nut radio hosts must have a book.

During one call, in order to discredit a caller, Mark said Ron Paul goes nutty, says crazy things, implies you'd have to be nutty to support him. The caller disagreed. Mark Simone then stated (paraphrase):
Ron Paul said that we were to blame for 9/11. Do you believe that? No patriot would back Ron Paul.

Not 3 minutes later, Mark received a call from an active duty member of our military who mis-attributed "No patriot would back Ron Paul" to the previous caller and said that was an awful thing to say.

Mark responded by saying (paraphrase):
I don't know, I didn't hear him say that; that would be a wrong thing to say.

Thus, Mark Simone is a lying idiot.

This is a prime example of the psychological back-talk and denial of reality that has gripped conservative radio for so long. It's obvious; it always is to thinking people. Unfortunately, most listeners are not thinking people.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a chickenshit! Doesn't have the guts to say it to a member of the military!

Sarah said...

Do you think he even realized what he was saying? Is he so caught up in his own glory & the sound of his own voice on conservative radio that he honestly didn't see his own contradiction?

Anonymous said...

He's just as stupid as he's dishonest.He hates Congressman Paul for opposing the Armenian Genocide Resolution.He hates President Obama for the same reason.Paul & Obama are looking out for America ; Scumbag Simone is looking out for Armenia.

busana muslim said...

thanks for that great info

Remembers WABC when it played music said...

Simonian was in for Hack Hannity today.It sounded like a Romney campaign ad ; a caller had to remind him that Obama won.Simone regaled the audience on the wrongfulness of raising taxes on the rich and how Reagan & Bush43 set records for revenue,using metrics so selectively & simplistically as to be lying.What this slimey eel omits is how taxes affect him as the heir to a wealthy corporate family of Armenian descent & his personal resentment toward PresO for correctly opposing a resolution,as previously cited,that would endanger our relations with Turkey.Simone sneaks by with this self-interested perfidity because he's a relative unknown who stays a cowardly backbencher while enjoying the security of hiding behind the skirts of hosts whose status as radio regulars he can only imitate.

Ricky Shambles said...

RWWIPM: Well said!

Also, to everyone else I didn't reply to on the original posting; Thanks!

Steve Petocz said...

Laughing at you liberal pussies crying, ha ha...go listen to idiots like Alan Colmes ..YOU pukes wish you had such a following. .Ok go stick your tongues back up Obamas ass!

Ricky Shambles said...

Glad to see there are plenty of thoughtless, jabbering people willing to take the time to post comments, but intelligent and cogent arguments composed of complete thoughts are much more appreciated.

John Landers said...

How does a person go from weekend fill-in discjockey on WPIX-FM to political talkshow host? Mark Simone has zero credibility.

John Landers said...

How does a person go from weekend fill-in discjockey on WPIX-FM to political talkshow host? Mark Simone has zero credibility.