Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conspiracy! Sandy Hook, Bullets, and Collapsing America

I'll weigh in on Sandy Hook and gun control in the coming weeks as I get my feet wet again, but I wanted to point out a couple insane conspiracy theories going around. And these aren't just "Holy hell check out this dark, scary corner of the internets," but things I have heard discussed by callers on mainstream, right-wing radio shows (as per usual, the hosts don't disavow the nuttery, they goad them on and ask why mainstream media isn't picking up on this) and people on my Facebook stream.


Sandy Hook

You know the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting never happened, right? It was just an exercise. No one is dead: no teachers, no children. No parents are truly grieving because it's all an act.

See, Obama had to push his radical gun-control agenda through as the first step to confiscating all guns and turning America into a police state. But he knew no one would have that, so he staged a school shooting targeting young children. The stories? The police? The deaths? The emotion? The sentiment? All fake. Because Obama is Hitler.

I am not linking anything here because no one involved deserves a link. But if you want to be terrified by humanity, a quick Google search will lead you to that place. And here's something that showed up on my FB feed today to rustle your jimmies:

Bullet Buyin'

The US Government is buying up all the bullets. Like all of them. Like billions of bullets so even if you hide your guns Obama wants to make sure you can't shoot 'em. Even the IRS is gettin' bullets. OMG!

Obviously, there are no real reports backing this but you can find it all over. Of course, the government buys a great deal of bullets; most of its offices have enforcement arms and then we have that whole military thing. The other side, of course, is that there are less bullets available currently because ...the nutters are drinking the NRA Kool-Aid and snatching up stockpiles because they think Obama wants your guns!

Conspiracy theorists are so meta.

Miscellaneous Nuts

Again, sorry for making you search (if you're that interested in the horror), but I refuse to give any of these goons links (which gives them search engine juice). Frighteningly, it's not hard to find.

  • Not just Obama, but the UN is going to send troops into the US in order to confiscate all our guns.
  • The Obama administration is currently, secretly building concentration camps in which to imprison Americans in the coming police state
  • There is an actual group called Friends of Hamas and Chuck Hagel is in bed with them. (This one has been loudly and repeatedly debunked, but the right keeps on beating the drum of lies)
  • Sekrit Moslom Kenyan Obama is going to change the constitution in order to begin his tyrannical reign with a third presidential term

Really, there is no end to the crazy. The Sandy Hook stuff creeps me the hell out, but conservatives are so whacked out about our black president, they just don't know how to attack any more. And for a lovely overview, Mother Jones put together this Obama Conspiracy Theory infographic. And that deserves some linking.

Any crazy crazy stuff you guys hear lately?


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Scary stuff!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I read an article once about these crazy conspiracy theory wingnuts and it said such nonsense is believed because people feel like they have no control over their lives and this gives them a sense of power through knowing "the inside scoop," no matter how crazy that may be. It's pretty scary stuff though, when people are that far removed from any sense of reality.

Silliyak said...

One of the (many) things that bugs me is that the same people who say the gov't is incompetent and can't do anything right says they do these elaborate conspiracies. I think back to REM's "Man on the Moon" about Andy Kaufman.