Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keep Calm and ...WTF?

Okay, folks. I'm gonna get a little sanctimonious on y'all's asses, get a little political on something that means very little here in the US of A - in Murica - except to a little subpopulation I like to refer to as "The Irish."

I saw this piece of shit online and got way more upset about it than I should have:


We're taking the "Keep Calm and Carry On" BRITISH maxim logo and giving it and IRISH twist? The British, who still occupy Northern Ireland? While Scotland and Wales are entertaining independence, the Queen's English still have their wee dicks stuck in the northern six counties of the Republic of Ireland? Combining the Crown of the UK with the drunken shamrock farce of Eire? As a man who won't drink a lick of Bushmill's*, this is a motherfucking bloody outrage! Margaret Thatcher is a cunt!

[Disclaimer: this is a farce. I find it ironic and unfortunate but am not really worked up, in case you didn't catch the clues.

Also: *Bushmill's is considered an Irish Whiskey, but because it is produced in Northern Ireland, I have met a few die-hard Irish that would rather drink a gallon of piss than a bottle made in, promoted by, and sending taxes to England.

Also: Margaret Thatcher was a cunt. And I have a photoshop image I shamefully created on request involving MT and rope and nipples that I will post a link to in the comments if requested.]

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, I thought that graphic was in poor taste too, given Ireland's long and bloody struggle against Britain.

Sorry, don't want to see Margaret Thatcher in any kind of position, photoshopped or not.