Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Flag Burned, Glenn Beck Whines at Yale

Glenn Beck is Burning a Flag?!
Mr. Beck! No!

I was listening to Glenn Beck on Monday (right wing radio keeps the blood pumpin' on those long car rides). Mr. Beck was angry. He was angry at non-citizens; he was angry at Yale; he was angry at Yalies. And he was yelling.

Here's the setup:
Two of the Yale students who were arrested early Tuesday for burning an American flag hanging from a Chapel Street home remained incarcerated this morning, but the third student has paid bond and was released yesterday.

According to court records, Hyder Akbar '07, Nikolaos Angelopoulos '10 and Farhad Anklesaria '10 were charged with multiple counts of second degree arson, first degree reckless endangerment, third degree criminal mischief and second degree breach of peace. Angelopoulos was released on $25,000 bail Tuesday according to officials at the Connecticut Correctional Center.
Awww, shit. It's 3am and a couple of kids get into some mischief. No, not just mischief; if the cops hadn't seen the flag on fire, somebody might have gotten hurt. They did something inexcusably stupid and put people's lives in danger. Not only that, but it was an American Flag that they set on fire, their names are hard to pronounce, and two of them aren't even citizens of our country. Xenophobic rage? You're up.

Immigrants, aliens, America-hating infidels! Deport them all! Well, I didn't go to Yale and Yale sucks; they'll have rallies supporting their right to burn a flag by the end of the week! Elitist liberals!(I'm paraphrasing here.)

Why is Glenn Beck spitting so much verbal diarrhea at the Yale Daily News? He let it out himself: Yale had a panel about Mormon businessmen. Beck was included. The paper, while covering the event, questioned Beck's participation.

Glenn Beck said they "got all the facts wrong." But if you look at the Yale Daily News article, the question raised is Why is it appropriate for an off-the-hook, right-wing-nut radio talk show host to be moderator on a panel entitled "The Mormon Way of Doing Business?" To listen to Glenn, you'd think the YDN did a front page piece on why he's such a tremendous douchebag. But most of the article was about the actual panel, and Beck was barely mentioned.
"I was surprised to see him invited here to serve in a moderating position when 'moderate' is about the last thing Glenn Beck is," Frick said. "I assume there are hundreds more positive influences in the Mormon community than a man who questions whether lesbians are really women and said Barack Obama may as well be white."
These are the only "facts" that might be in question. But, as you can imagine, the two links above lead to verification that those statements about what Glenn Beck said are totally valid.

He's a whiny little bitch. With a radio and TV show. Lucky.

And where is the insane, irrational liberal outcry over this case? It doesn't exist. Anyone of a rational mind can see that setting someone else's property on fire is probably a bad idea, American flag or not. In fact, Gregory DuBoff, in his article Claims of xenophobia have been overstated, takes it directly to the point:
Ultimately, this case is not a political issue unless the students are treated differently because of their foreign nationalities. It is harmful to public discourse and politically dishonest to use this event as an opportunity to spew one’s own ideological beliefs.
...which is exactly what Beck did.

Sometimes they're so good at self-sabotage, I wonder why I need to write.

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