Friday, April 13, 2007

Calling Bullshit on Imus Firing; Am I Alone?

Where's your fucking ACLU now? Casually commenting about the corpse.

I'm calling bullshit on his firing. And apparently I'm alone.

Yesterday I had the "joy" of catching pieces of Hannity, Savage, and Beck. And to my surprise, they were all right. Every damn one of their rants over Imus was right. They were all ringing the red bell, warning us of the coming invasion. They're doing it because it's wrong, but they're also doing it because they're scared out of their fucking pants. I would be too.

It's days like this that I cringe at the label "liberal," and I cry for our country. We done bad. The gun went off, Rover's brains are splattered in the dirt, and I've got a shovel and a roll of paper towels. That's how sad I feel.

File this piece of history under "sanctimonious bullshit."

Now, a little more to the damn point. Imus was wrong to say what he said, both in the past and about the Rutgers U girls. He humiliated himself by declaring "you people" on the "I'm Sorry About What I Said About Black People XXXII" episode of the Rev. Sharpton Show. He's a curmudgeon, an old, dirty, "Stop chewin' my shorts and let's go to the rave music fest" kinda guy.

And if you don't agree with what he says, change the fucking station. I've been saying that for years about religious attacks on television and radio. Change the fucking station. Turn the damn thing off.

And books. You don't like what it says? Don't read it, asshole!

Because in America, we have the right of free speech. It's that buggery first amendment thing. And, although some of us don't like it, it swings both ways. It keeps the President from arresting us for protesting or being Muslim (perhaps marginally), and it also protects the retards in the KKK when they march.

Sanctimonious bullshit. Don't like Imus? Continue to not listen to him. If you do listen, stop. Radio's a privilege that can be revoked - in the American Capitalist way we like to revoke privileges. What happened overnight would've happened over a couple weeks: ads pull out, listeners drop, the man is fired.

But shout and whine and complain and before you know it shows are being pulled for "insensitivity." Then shows are pulled for not saying the right thing. And then there are no shows. And then everyone's afraid of America.

Even Americans.

Liberals (and yes, that's me too): Stop the Lame.

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