Monday, May 14, 2007

Christ on a Bun! Bill Keller Brings Crazy to the Masses

We've got some hot action for you today:
If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for satan! This message today is not about Mitt Romney. Romney is an unashamed and proud member of the Mormon cult founded by a murdering polygamist pedophile named Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago. The teachings of the Mormon cult are doctrinally and theologically in complete opposition to the Absolute Truth of God's Word. There is no common ground. If Mormonism is true, then the Christian faith is a complete lie. There has never been any question from the moment Smith's cult began that it was a work of satan and those who follow their false teachings will die and spend eternity in hell. This message is about the top Christian leaders in our nation who are supporting this cult members quest to become the next President of the United States.
You like your religious extremists with an American flavor? You've come to the right place! 31 flavors of fundamentalist fucknuttery for you to sample. Giddyup!

Jesus was a radical, but respected the beliefs of others. He wanted to change the world for the better, not dominate it. He sent his apostles to deliver a message, not lay siege. But this is what we see in fundamentalist America. We see a crusade of hate, a campaign that will disembowel America just to burn the "bad parts," a sticking the hand in the boiling pot to prove our sanctity. I call Bullshit on Bill Keller.

This statement is so absurd and hateful that it hearkens Team America: "It was on that day I put a jihad on them. And if you don't believe it, then you'd better kill me now, because I'll put a jihad on you, too." Bill Keller is putting out a fatwa on voting for Mitt Romney. WTF?

Exactly. Bill Keller gets the WTF Award today.

I get to tell you tomorrow what the DoppleChrist mouthpiece is spouting as he's preparing a double bonus SuperJesus response in his Daily Devotionals to the crazyhate. Yay! Crazyhate with all the trimmings!

On their "About the Reich" page:
"The most compelling reason to support Liveprayer.Com however is because every dollar is going directly to personally minister to hurting people worldwide."


Gerunds make baby Jesus cry. A jihad on gerunds!

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