Friday, May 11, 2007

Double Weak Rush Bash Freaks Out Wingnuts

This is from the Baltimore Sun.

The skinny: Robert Murrow of the Department of Public Works told The Sun about a vandalized Rush Limbaugh billboard. He said "It looks great. It did my heart good."

Rut-roh. The goose-stepping multitudes of EIB automatons immediately sensed the red light flashing in their heart chamber. [Alert! Vandalism of Rush billboard! Public figure condones it!] Some blogged. Some called. City hall fielded many calls and Robert's boss yelled at him. Bad boy.

The bigger story here is the act of vandalism:

Rush Billboard Photo by Karl Merton Ferron

How. Fucking. Weak.

They splashed four colors of paint on a billboard. It's not even clear if it was someone who even disliked Rush or just someone who found extra paint laying around in the shed after eight Blatz and a pull of Wild Turkey. What the hell?

Quality vandalism should have a message. If you're going to deface a Rush Billboard and do not have the time or intelligence to make a poignant political statement (i.e. a background mural with a 12-year old Dominican child prostitute and Viagra), at least have the decency of a fourth grader:

Historically accurate devil horns and beard

What? Don't even have that much time? There's the always-classic phantom penis in the vicinity of the mouth:

Historically accurate phantom penis

This is an example of half-assed defacement. Just think what you could do with your whole brain. Please practice safe and thoughtful illegal political activism.

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