Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boycott Gas Boycott on May 15th

Gasoline cartoon

Gas has topped $3.00 nationally and is bumping $3.40 in Washington state. And we keep drinking it down, shrugging our shoulders with a "Whatchagonnado?" grimace on our face. Unfortunately, there are still some asshats out there that believe that by not purchasing gasoline for one 24 hour period (May 15th this year), the public will be able to affect gas prices, sending a "message" to big oil.

It's bullshit. And here's the Snopes definitive review of the topic to prove it.

Main point of the argument? By not buying gas for one day (especially with people stressing "you can top it off the night before"), you are not buying less gas. You are still patronizing the gas companies. You are still buying the gas you normally would, just not on that day.

You really want to effect change? How about a driving boycott? By finding an alternate method for transportation for one day, you would be actually accomplishing what many think is happening on the gas boycott day. You would not be using gas that day (or at least a smaller amount in terms of public transportation).

But that's not enough. If we want to stop this disaster we have to make gasoline less valuable than it is now. We do that by cutting our consumption across the board: ride your bike, carpool, take a bus. For real. You have a job an hour away? Get a closer one. Don't have a bike? Buy one.

If you are unwilling to make changes in your life to help the environment and stem the "fat kid wants cake" mentality of consumption we have in this country, what do you expect to change outside of yourself? Bitching about it is not going to hack it. Get off your ass and do something.

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