Friday, May 11, 2007

Uncle GrumpyDick: No Love to al-Maliki

They planned it that way.

Cheney Condi Rice Batman
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It's a bird (is it bombing us?)! It's a plane (is it bombing us?)! Oh, shit, it's worse; it's the Vice President of the United States.

Vice President Dick Cheney dropped in on Baghdad this past Wednesday, unannounced (Surprise, surprise!). unkl_grumpyDick41 (a.k.a. lonelygirl16) immediately berated the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, from an undisclosed bunker via IM:
unkl_grumpyDick41: ur so not going on vacation
pm_almaliki50: doodz, my peepz need vacation. how bout hello?
unkl_grumpyDick41: um, ur fightin a war?
pm_almaliki50: you so started it, dick
unkl_grumpyDick41: imho, your in charge lol
pm_almaliki50: why the lolz?
unkl_grumpyDick41: im in charge, douchebag
pm_almaliki50: don't start, gD. you did this. i want fly fishing
unkl_grumpyDick41: were you goin fly fishin?
pm_almaliki50: wit u?
unkl_grumpyDick41: love you, man
pm_almaliki50: love you two
unkl_grumpyDick41: but no f****n vacation
pm_almaliki50: dick
unkl_grumpyDick41: you know it
pm_almaliki50: one day i'll make you a muslim
unkl_grumpyDick41: satan sayz no
pm_almaliki50: satan said dance
unkl_grumpyDick41: dood!!!11!! I luv clap your hands
pm_almaliki50: good shit
unkl_grumpyDick41: good shit
pm_almaliki50: so no vaca?
unkl_grumpyDick41: nada
pm_almaliki50: shiznit
unkl_grumpyDick41: wherez the vaca comin from anyway?
pm_almaliki50: from you, dad, i learned it by watching you!
unkl_grumpyDick41: omg lmao rofl
pm_almaliki50: lolz
unkl_grumpyDick41: l8r
pm_almaliki50: l8r

Maybe, if this scenario were true, maybe, if there were IMs floating around the Green Zone with jovial misspellings in spite of horror unimaginable outside the walls, there would be lolz.

We wonder why there's no peace in Iraq?

No lolz.

Support our troops. Support lolz.

And impeach the insurgents living in Washington, D.C.

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