Monday, July 30, 2007

Christ on a Bun! Bible Dolls!

I mean "action figures," of course, because you'd hate to imbue those pretty, pretty boys with the snake venom of female play culture; it's not about combing hair or tending sheep...unless you're talking about Samson or David.

Didn't I do this back in April?

Samson and Goliath Dolls!

BBC has shouted us out to the next Xmas favorite: Bible Dolls! Or, er, action figures. Yes, kids, you, too, could create your own anachronisms! Samson vs. Goliath! David vs. Jesus! Moses vs. Herod!

Your muscle-bound faith can battle against itself, or against the God-starved children of Hogwarts Castle (or, at least their action figures), to teach them the true way to Heaven. Only one way to let Harry know about the One, True Lord: with muscle.

What the hell?


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