Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Notes on the Democratic Debate

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate was, well, watchable. It spurred debate between myself and Mrs. Shambles, for sure. CNN's Headline News this morning has been pissing all over itself with joy of the wondrous success it was.

The following are notes I collected during the watching. For the most part, they're in chronological order. The first note is what made me realize I was going to have some serious feedback on the event:

  • Obama: Did the only African-American candidate for president just come out in favor of "Separate but equal" for the treatment of homosexuals and marriage? I do believe he did. Irony hash mark so flaming it need not be commented upon. Shit. My first thought:
    [alt audio link]

  • Edwards: Video: Hair? Not funny. While watching, drinking our Miller Lite, we'd like to forget how much you paid to have your ears lowered, and that song hearkens back to a time of revolution and innovation; you embody neither.

  • Hillary: Video: Intermittently readable. Note to CNN and Hillary - not everyone has a 72" Plasma.

  • Biden: I know you heard it from U.S. military officials in Europe, but do you really think 2500 U.S. troops could fix Darfur?

  • Biden: 1 year most probable for actual pullout. NOW is nice, but that makes a lot of sense.

  • Kucinich: "Text Peace" - You have a great message; stick to it. As Anderson said, "Yes, we'll see your video."

  • Obama: Did troops in Viet Nam die in vein? Blub-u-blub-a-blubba

  • Edwards: Should women register for Selective Service? Question dodged, Anderson skipped callout.

  • Hillary: Women in Muslim countries. Of course leaders will listen; they already do. Good answer. Stupid question.

  • Obama: General - get with the speech coach; the "ah"s are painful, like focusing on the breath intake of a news anchor, and you sound uncertain in everything you say.

  • Richardson: Scrap NCLB! Yay!

  • Dodd & Obama & Hillary: Elbow-whored their way into the public school question; we want to hear about public school kids (Yay Kucinich!), not why private school was necessary or unavoidable.

  • Kucinich: Energy reformation - total revamping, good show.

  • Richardson: Apparently supports "touchtone" voting. Those crazy newfangled kids and their touchtone voting. "Stop chewin' my shorts and let's go to the rave music fest," he quickly added.

  • Biden: Video: Isn't the purpose of this format to not show traditional campaign videos? For shame.

  • Kucinich: Video: Text PEACE. Okay. It happened a little quickly and maybe I should've had a do-over. I get the idea, it's innovative, but is that the best format for this? Um, universal health care?

  • Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate for 2008 that supports universal not-for-profit health care for life, yet as the only candidate with a real, non-corporate, non-insurance stance, he was completely excluded from the health care discussion. More like Anderson Pooper. Sorry. That was poor.

  • Gravel: At any point in the evening: Shut up! Okay, "follow the money," but the disheveled hair, the sometimes-spittle that fired past the mic, the man is like the infirm, drunk "you don't know me!" uncle at the family reunion. And we're all a little embarrassed.

  • Biden: Gun control: Dude. I know we were all thinking that the guy who called his big-ass gun his "baby" was a little nutty, but you called him "mentally imbalanced" and then quipped "hope he doesn't come lookin' for me." There's a reason the phrase "gunnin' for 'em" exists. Faux pas, voter block alienation on insult, not principle.

  • Richardson: Final comment: Any of these candidates would do great in the White House...as my VP. Snap!

  • Edwards: Final comment: I liked Hillary's jacket. Dick.

  • Biden: Final comment: "Dennis, the thing I like best about you is your wife." Did you actually just say that?

  • Kucinich: Final comment: Used opportunity to lash at Anderson, missed opportunity at "right hand man/woman" quip.

That's about it, the stuff that stuck, anyway. I missed about 12 minutes in the middle because I hit the channel up instead of the volume up and killed the DVR cache from potty breaks, etc., but I think it went well.

Hillary's a strong candidate, and I didn't have much to say about her, but I was impressed overall. For as much speaking time as she got, it was all done professionally.

I had Obama on the back burner until last night; he's a little blubbery and the "separate but equal" really killed him in my mind.

Kucinich not enough, Gravel too much, and the rest: meh.

I support a drastic overhaul of the system. I support an uprooting of corruption. I support universal not-for-profit health care. I support Dennis Kucinich.

UPDATE: In slo-mo replay of the "Who came in a private jet" question I caught during the still-ongoing CNN circle jerk, we had some "Hell yeah"s, some "Um, I don't know, Sean Hannity might make fun of me"s, and a single, chuckling Kucinich in the foreground, his hand decidedly DOWN. Hell yeah.


The Tarotlaydee )0( said...

Awesome comments. Thanks and keep it up. Love your style!

Manila Ryce said...

I've posted the debate at my blog for anyone who missed it. I too was amazed at Obama's defense of separate but equal. I was hoping someone would call him on it, but of course that wouldn't be proper in a debate.

Scott Kohlhaas said...


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Scott Kohlhaas

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