Monday, July 23, 2007

Bush Confusion Revisited

Last week, I posted on how Bush was flashing his package to the insurance industry with a wink and a nod by railing against giving kids - children who are by default victims of their parents' decisions - free insurance. This weekend I saw SiCKO and will have much more ranting on the way. But back to the post and this picture:

Bush Uses Keyboard

Now, I don't have the superpowers of CSI Enhance > Enhance > Enhance technology, but let's take a closer look:

Bush Fingers Keyboard

There is going to be some distortion based on the refraction of light due to the water, but clearly, all his fingers aren't on the home keys. Taking into consideration that in order to demonstrate to the president that the keyboard that is under water is working, a scientist might use the visible cord to hook it up to a working computer, possibly with a word processor open on the screen, then we can assume that by typing on the keyboard, a result could be seen on a monitor of some type (love them puns).

With that thought in place, the president's fingers splayed akimbo on the keyboard like a drunken spider's legs, and that painful hybrid look of confusion and concentration, I vote that the president has no idea how to type. Further, technology of any kind confuses and mildly frightens him, much like black people or the monster in his closet.

Most importantly, I cannot get over simply staring at that picture and saying to myself "This is the leader of our country." It makes me want to move to Europe. Now.

But like I said, I'll be talking about SiCKO soon.

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Freida Bee said...

I saw Sicko last weekend too and am torn between england, Canada, and Spain (I wonder if they have UHC, 'cause I speak a little Spanish and woefully no French.) It does look like W doesn't know how to type. I bet he doesn't know how to send an email either.