Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democratic Party Thins to Three on Lobbyist Opinions?

Ruth Marcus over at WaPo makes a very good point in her article Democrats' Purity Primary: Edwards is all "not a cotton-pickin' penny from a lobbyist (get off my lawn!)" but makes no clarification that would stop him from taking money directly from the industries by which lobbyists are employed.

Unfortunately for Ruth Marcus, she is wearing blinders with the rest of the sheep; she only mentions Clinton, Obama and Edwards. I'm not saying that a political writer doesn't have the right to whittle down the story to a battle amongst the leaders, but when you decide to write about the Democratic field's views on finance and special interests, leaving out Dennis Kucinich and how he blows everyone else out of the water is like running an executive administration without the people's best interest in mind. Oh, I mean making Kool-Aid without sugar.

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