Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wingnut Blog Bounce: an Anti-Semite Adventure!

There's this guy at Blogs 4 Brownback to which Blue Gal alerted me.

Holy Crap. I want to believe it's a ruse, a gimmick, but sadly I think it's true: this guy's retarded for Brownback like fat kids love cake. But that's not the crazy, of course. He believes Homosexuals are trying to kill him, 70's Comics about bible adventures are the height of comic art, and isn't quite sure Mitt Romney - in all his sophistication and panache - is actually human. (Scroll down further for the argument for the "right kind of Christian" as president. [NOTE: B4B is not part of this Anti-Semite Adventure; his arguments against the offenders begins the])

A little farther? Sure: he's got beef with the Politically Correct Apostate who is pulling for - rut roh! - Ron Paul. This anti-Semite mouth-of-foul says that because Ron Paul was not invited to Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum, that makes him the only "authentic" candidate. What happened to the PC part of PCApostate? Be careful should you click on the main site: links to David Duke's official page, "Zionist Watch," and blog posts with "nigger" in the title. Yay!

I went from there through the blogroll to News From the West. More anti-Semitic rhetoric, links to places like Jewwatch, Pat Buchanan, more David Duke.

Blogroll over to The Ugly Truth and...more of the same, including a grand treatise on how Sarah Silverman is the devil for making an absurd joke about the Jews killing Jesus.

I'm done. The childish banter of a seemingly mentally crippled Limbaugh that was so tantalizing in the first two stops became racist and ignorant and tired. Quickly. And that's because of the sad truth to much of the far right wingnut blogging: it's a big ol' circle jerk recycling itself within the bounds of the talking points, whether it be the Jew Hating points or the Reach-around Ron Paul points; tight orbits of shallow planets encircling a sun of misdirected male aggression.

I was, however, surprised to see that they all posted "Fox Attacks: Iran," just like me. Unfortunately, it's because they think the war is a plot for the Jews to rule the world. I, on the other hand, believe FOX, the fourth branch of this particular government, is pandering to the fear-filled fathoms, all of them feeding on our blood in tens and twenties.


Psycheout said...

I think you should make it clear that I highlighted the anti-semitism and was critical of it. PC Apostate and the StormFront folks then descended on the comment thread to point out how Ron Paul will keep America white and safe from the evil Joooos.

I didn't want your readers to get the impression that B4B subscribes to White Nationalist conspiracy theories. I merely pointed out the nuttiness of some of Ron Paul's truther fanbase and they responded rather loudly.

On another site, the PC Apostate (Chris Womak) had this to say: "If Ron Paul is not elecected there’s a good chance theree will be blood in the streets and I hope Psycheout is one of the first victims."


Ricky Shambles said...

Dually noted, psycheout. Made a note in the blog to clarify it; you pointed the way to the white power freaks and are not part and parcel of that ilk. Thanks for the comment!

Blue Gal said...

Turns out this blogs4brownback is an excellent, excellent, spoof site. I sent a follow-up email to you on that.

But it's so close to the real thing, particularly if you read ANY of the REAL blogs on their blogroll, you'll find the same crap and it's not a joke.

Ricky Shambles said...

BG, many thanks - gave myself a Sucker Award. Brilliantly done.

Psycheout said...

I suggest you take whatever "proof" Blue Girl sent you with a giant grain of salt. What is your rationale for smearing B4B with the "spoof" epithet? I agree with the "excellent, excellent" part, but why does the left so love conspiracy theories?

Perhaps Blue Girl would be kind enough to forward her email to me. What's the big secret?

Isn't "Blue Girl" a porno hentai cartoon from Japan?

Sisy said...

Blogs4Brownback is NOT a spoof, we are the only true Americans. Brownback is the greatest living American, so naturally we want him to lead us. Backing any other candidate is tantamount to treason; backing any Democrat is like backing Osama. (In fact, "Obama" cleverly capitalizes on Democrat support for Osama by having a similar name. That's why he's up in the moonbat polls.)

Ricky Shambles said...

"moonbat" made me think of Moon Pies, which I don't really care for. But I love Little Debbie Zebra Cakes

Isn't "MoonBat Zebra Cake" a bukkake hentai cartoon from Japan?