Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sen. Larry Craig: "I am not gay."

At the end of yesterday's sordid tale (Again With the Gay Republican Bathroom Sex), we left a picture of Bob Allen with a dildo in his hand (NSW) and Larry Craig stuttering out "I am not gay; I never have been gay."

The Police Report
The Police Report of Sgt. Dave Karsnia goes way beyond misconstrued signals. Not only was there toe tapping, but Larry rubbed his foot - from in his stall - against the police officer's, as well as swiping his hand under the stall in a playful/signaling gesture. Something seriously hinky was afoot, and if Sgt. Karsina says it was bathroom stall foreplay, I'm going to trust him on that.

The Past Allegations
The Idaho Statesman's complete coverage has it all: other toe-tapping behavior arrests, Larry Craig's past behaviors, a source who claims to have had sex with Craig in a bathroom in the past, Craig's resigning from several Senate seats, and the calling from other conservatives for him to resign. One word: snowball. No, not like that, gutter mind.

The Handling of the Airport Bathroom Sex Incident
If I were in a bathroom, tapping my foot, and a police officer came at me with allegations of lewd behavior, and I was truly not doing anything wrong, I would be fighting tooth and nail to get my name cleared. Larry Craig did not do that; he quietly accepted the charges and several weeks later went back to plead guilty to lesser charges in a sad move to push it to the side. He apparently did not consult with lawyers and appallingly did not consult with his wife. People only hide something that carefully when they have something to hide.

I saw the press conference, and as the bumbling reading came across over the coaxial I said to Mrs. Shambles: "This will not end well." We watched with disbelief as he denied everything, and for all the words coming out of his mouth, his demeanor, and body language, he might as well have been performing fellatio as he spoke. It would have been more eloquent - and elegant.

There is no broom; there is no rug; everyone saw through it.

I can see this ending tomorrow in another press conference, but I'll give it a week on the outside. Sen. Larry Craig needs to resign lest he further aid in the continuing collapse of the Republican party.


R-Mania said...

You never played footsies with the guy in the stall next to you? Come on.

Seriously though, there is no question that this man has some gay tendencies. Though I am in no way opposed to him stepping down, I am kind of disturbed by the real reason he was forced to do so: it's now clear to the American public that he is gay, and the Republican party, pandering to the religious right, will distance themselves from gay members at all costs. Notice how Louisiana Republican David Vitter is still in office after admitting to using a female escort service.

Ricky Shambles said...


You're absolutely right. I want to see him step down because he's a liar, hypocrite, and closeted homosexual bathroom sex is just in bad taste.

The Repubs want him gone because even the hint of gay is a dirty biblical plague to them. And that's wrong.