Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Again With the Gay Republican Bathroom Sex!

Sen. Larry Craig, photo from his website
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Sen. Larry Craig's Brokeback Mountain Website
The Senator's Website: NOT Brokeback Mountain, ID

In a recent post entitled More Gay Republican Blowjobs, I said "Will the joy of Republicans, gay sex, and bigotry ever end? My Magic 8 Ball definitively proclaims 'No.'" Less than three weeks have passed and I am pleased to proclaim the fidelity of my Magic 8 Ball. From, amongst others, WaPo:
Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), a three-term senator, "pleaded guilty earlier this month to misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges stemming from his June arrest by an undercover police officer in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport."
Sen. Craig was apparently aware of the highly-complicated mating ritual of the homosexual bathroom deviant to tap their right foot under the stall, alerting other like-minded toilet trawlers that it is, in fact, "go time." Then he pleaded guilty - although he says he did nothing wrong - to handle it "quickly and expeditiously." Durr. Ooh, and did I mention he's outspoken about being part of the "gay people are dirty cause Jesus says so" gang?

Our American leadership has gone into absurdity overdrive.

You may also recall in my last post on this topic I captioned Bob Allen (R-FL)'s impressive ham-fisted ham radio pic with "no, I'm not Photoshopping a dildo into his hand." This second appalling incident has inspired me to reconsider that position.

(Not Safe for Work)
Bob Allen Photoshop


UPDATE: 4:30pm EST Sen. Larry Craig Press Conference. Will he cry? Beg forgiveness? Pull a R. Budd Dwyer? Come out of the closet? Resign? Elect not to run again?

I can't wait!

UPDATE: Sen. Larry Craig has unsuccessfully dodged the issue, admitting to nothing, calling his choice to plead guilty "regrettable" and claiming "I am not gay; I never have been gay." He may as well have continued, "Glory holes are a hobby, not a lifestyle." The only truth in his press conference was that this issue is certainly not over. With the police report, anonymous sources, and the logic behind his line of reasoning, this'll get another post later today, and I'm adding a tag for him.

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