Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kucinich Shut Out: AARP Debate

I didn't watch the AARP Democratic Debate on Health Care; I was most likely enjoying a cocktail and a reggae band.

However, I was appalled to find out that my man, Dennis Kucinich, was not included in the debate. More from Dennis:
On September 21st, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) sponsored a Presidential forum in Iowa focused on health care reform. I was conveniently left out of the debate. Why? Because I am the only candidate in this race proposing a national not-for-profit, single-payer health insurance plan. My plan would eliminate the obscene profit of 4.4 billion dollars AARP alone stands to gain over the next 7 years at the expense of the senior citizens they claim to represent.

AARP's strategic partnership with healthcare giants United Health Care and Aetna are embraced by Senators Clinton, Obama, and former Senator Edwards who are pushing plans to keep the for-profit private insurers in business and in control of your life!

This is an outrage and you should be outraged!
Hells yeah!

You can contact AARP on the AARP Issues Contact Page or You can "Share Your Story" about health care on the Divided We Fail page (I did both):
Here's a story: AARP held a presidential debate on health care reform but did not invite the only candidate that supports a not-for-profit system, Dennis Kucinich. AARP chose their partnerships with health care insurance providers over dissenting opinion, chose money over the well being of the American people, and denied the only voice that would truly help retired persons across the board. AARP states they "are committed to helping the most vulnerable members of society maintain or improve their quality of life." This is blatantly untrue. Health insurance companies have already divided you. And you have failed.
We're on the morning of the next debate, but it's never too late to let the powers that be know we're a little pissed.

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