Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MoveOn, Petreaus, Giuliani, MoveOn

General Petraeus fed his Bushalicious schlong to congress two weeks ago. I wrote my dear Senator Sherrod Brown. The Republicans and FOX News?

They apparently like to swallow:

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Blarg, blarg. Old news, Ricky.

Yes, it is. I was on vacation. So is this: MoveOn.org posted the General Petraeus or General Betray Us? ad in the New York times. Giuliani cries: Hillary's questioning a General's patriotism, hates the troops, and eats vegemite! The Senate ignores the content of the Petraeus ad (which is all, of course, valid) and passes some sanctimonious piece of shit saying "for shame" indirectly to MoveOn.org instead of doing something about the Cheney-Bush-Petraeus daisy chain for Satan puppet show going on (tell the Senate to go pound salt).

And deliciously, MoveOn has held its own ground, received emails from troops saying "You're our voice!" and delivered a double-fisted half-Cheney to Giuliani in the form of this ad:

[Alternative YouTube Link]

Giuliani is wrong, and a shell of a human for using this towards his bid for president. The Senate is wrong for tossing this sanctimonious bullshit over the fence when they have more important, real issues to deal with before they take off for their last one-week paid vacation before their final six weeks of vacation. MoveOn.org is right, along with anyone else with a memory of more than two weeks who heard Petraeus speak and thought "Gee, that sounds suspiciously - almost word for word - like the endless, untrue logorrhea loop that's been coming from the White House since the war began."

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