Tuesday, September 25, 2007

God Loves the Earth: Why Not Republicans?

Pope and God on the Environment

From the Vatican Information Service:
Made public today was the text of a speech delivered by Msgr. Pietro Parolin, under-secretary for Relations with States, before the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly which is meeting to deliberate on the theme of "the future is in our hands: addressing the leadership challenge of climate change."

"Climate change is a serious concern and an inescapable responsibility," said Msgr. Parolin in his English-language talk. "My delegation wishes to stress the underlying moral imperative that everyone, without exception, has a grave responsibility to protect the environment," he added.

"The best scientific assessments available have established a link between human activity and climate change," he continued. "However, the results of these scientific assessments, and the remaining uncertainties, should neither be exaggerated nor minimized in the name of politics, ideologies or self- interest. Rather they now need to be studied closely in order to give a sound basis for raising awareness and making effective policy decisions.
So if Msgr. Pietro Parolin speaks from the Pope, and the Pope speaks from God, that's two Kevin Bacon's between this guy and God, saying it is everyone's responsibility to protect the Earth.

I would like the global warming deniers to take a stance: God is misinterpreting the data or global warming is real.

Hey Ricky, haven't Protestants and their breakaways reviled the Pope and ignored the apostolic succession since the 16th century?

Damn. Well, Hannity, Giuliani, and Brownback are not off the hook yet, but I guess the rest of those Protestants will take a pass on this one.

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