Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nebraska Shooter Caps 8, Saves One for Self

As a man of sometimes-supreme excess, I spend most of my work-from-home day listening - that's right, listening - to Headline news or some other network iteration of force-fed prioritized reality. Yesterday was no exception, and CNN Headline News was the source of my information as the shooting in a Nebraska mall was rippling through the newsosphere.

Early, but the last point I was paying much attention, the live afternoon anchor stated that the shooter was wearing a green army jacket. Then: "the shooter is an African-American male."

Hawkins, not a black guy

Wait a second: that guy isn't black!

Perhaps a poor man's rendition of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but he's no Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Wait a second: black people don't wear green army jackets! Wait a second: there's no black people in Nebraska!

Ah, but I jest.

Two questions rattle the brain cage:
  1. How did grunge teen angst with the bouffant a la Journey get described as an African-American male?

  2. Why can't these people just go down with their own ship? Someone plese spread this generalization: suicide is a private event.

  3. When will there be broad recognition that antidepressants can actually cause depressed people to drop even further into depression?

  4. Do any black people live in Nebraska?
Okay, that was more like 4 questions. You know.

At least there's LOLcats.

Monorail Cat, LOL Cats

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Anonymous said...

i specifically googled this to confirm i heard well, he did in fact say that. crazy mind control at its best. thanks