Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is It Bigger Than a Baby's Arm?

I'm quite comfortable with the size of my man meat (you know, my cock, trouser trout, schlong, wang, lizard, dragon, one-eyed monster, power broker, down-south poker), but bring up the size of my blogroll, and my face goes redder than a nun's engorged clit as she catches a glimpse of Peter Sarsgaard's ass in Kinsey.

The blushing began at a single glance over at Freida Bee's place, where she explains (of which I was already aware, being the internets SEO foo I am) that the blogroll isn't rated by the search engines much, if at all. If you want it to count, the link needs to be in the text. Technorati loves that too, like fat kids love cake.

Then I saw it at PoliTits and before I knew it, everyone's was bigger than mine.

As Jar Jar Binks would say, I'sa bina lazee fucka. So let's make some amends and fatten that bastard up.

Oh, shit. Freida Bee's not even on my blogroll. What kind of person am I? Not all the 35 Percenters are, I guess - hell, even the 35 Percenters blog isn't. That will now add Blue Man in a Red District, Dandelion Salad, The Greenbelt, The Hermit with Davis Fleetwood, Hip-Hop Is Read, The Largest Minority, Modern Musings, Monkey Muck, Peace Elf, Peace Garden, Phydeaux Speaks, The Quaker Agitator, and Today's Talk (yes, I'm alphabetizing like I would book titles, and "The" does not put it under T).

And hunting through another few bounces and blogrolls is Angry Ballerina because it's fucking raw and brilliant, Lily's Karmic Reverberations because she's my new blogging buddy at All Things Democrat, Morning Martini because, hey, morning martinis, flowers, and kitties, Feministing because I think chicks should be all equal and shit, and Rob Bast's 2012 Blog because, deep down, I'm a little batshit crazy. Ooh, and I can't forget Skepchick because - damn! - women and science and ...I think I just got all melty.

So before I dump my load and spit out the final feed (yes, new folks get double dips), a quick suggestion to other folks with other blogs:
When adding links to your blogs or blogrolls, after making your link look like this:
<a href="">Website Name</a>

now make it look like this

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Website Name">Website Name</a>

The "target" bit opens a new window or tab and keeps the reader on your blog too. The Website name, well that makes search engines tinkle just a little in their pants from glee. Not only that, you can see that "title text" by simply mousing over a link. *pop* and there it is. Yay! (Oh, I wasn't actually quoting anyone there, just sets it apart s'y'cun se'er bitter.)

Oh, yeah, I promised a load:See? It's not necessarily all that much bigger than anyone else's, but - damn! - it's got girth.

Sidenote: I'm going to be soon doing some redesign to get rid of the standard Blogger template and look all personalized and professional and shit, so coming soon the above folks will look even more impressive in Linktastica!

Sidenote 2: If you have a blog and want to join Cause for Concern's Linktastica! (or, of course, if I'm a douche and you should already be there), just send me an email - I think I even have my IM in there; what the hell am I thinking? - through my profile.

And that is all.


DandelionSalad said...

Hey, thanks for adding my blog, will return the favor and add your's to mine, along with some of the other 35%ers, too.


Freida Bee said...

Only 1000 days later I see this. (It just showed up in my Technorati, grrrr.) I always enjoy being linked to posts in which the author reflects on his man-girth as such. Thank you for the link, and even more importantly, thank you for reading my mind. I have been wondering how the fuck to make links that open a new window rather than redirecting the peruser.

When it's not the middle of the freakin' night, I'm coming back to read some other coolness I saw.

Anonymous said...

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