Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe: Naked

That's right. I said "naked." And Lindsay Lohan. And Marilyn Monroe. Of course I'd be flattered if you touched yourself while reading this blog.

Lindsay Lohan Naked
Photograph by Bert Stern

Back in 1963, Marilyn Monroe sat for a photo shoot in which she appeared naked. It has since been referred to as "The Last Sitting" because six weeks later, she was found dead.

Now Lindsay Lohan, a fan of Marilyn, has sat for a "remix" if you will of those photos for New York Magazine (link NSFW because of, well, boobies).

And now the faux concern floodgates open: I can't listen to entertainment news without hearing "Oh Em Gee! Marilyn got naked photos and died six weeks later and now Lindsay took the photos and she's on a downward starlet spiral. Achtung! Peligro! The fucking world's coming to an end!"

Let's make one thing clear: Lindsay Lohan is not Marilyn Monroe; Lindsay Lohan is a mid-grade celebrity and a low-grade social alcoholic. Besides, everyone knows Marilyn was whacked because her ties to JFK and I don't believe Lindsay has fucked the president.

I can't stand "entertainment news." But photography, well...

Knightley Johansson Naked
Note: Photobucket, while hosting this image for dozens of others, has deleted mine twice now. Bastards. At least I can upload through Blogger.


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Anonymous said...

I could almost get excited about this..... If Lindsay weren't such a 'Carpet muncher'.