Friday, February 01, 2008

Michael Savage: Old Man Hates teh Gay

During the tragic death of Heath Ledger, most of you have heard of John Gibson, lead reptilian humanoid of FOX News using Ledger's death as a way to make a stupid, sad joke about him as a "weirdo" "with a drug problem." Why? Because John Gibson is a bigot and hates gays and Heath Ledger once made a movie that made a lot of money about a man struggling with his sexuality in an oppressive society.

But John Gibson is an assbag; he got plenty of negative press for the comments, made that ever-traditional "I'm sorry if people were offended" non-apology, and I still think he's an assbag and assbags all over the country still think he's a credible journalist. Status quo.

But what we haven't heard of, what I can't seem to find any reference about, is Michael Savage's treatment of the same subject. We've already visited how Dr. Savage pounced on Muslims, but unless you regularly listen to his verbal and often-unfocused hate ooze through your speakers, you may not know that he's a dirty old codger, living in San Francisco, and daily railing against the filth and amorality of homosexuals destroying the city.

Last Tuesday, January 22nd, as speculation over Heath Ledger's death was haphazardly spilling over the airwaves, Michael Savage had some choice words:
This is the biggest story of the day: Shock in SoHo? Actor Heath Ledger, pills, suicide? You mean another Hollywood junkie is dead? I'm sorry, you mean that's news? News used to be "Man Bites Dog," but when another Hollywood idiot is found with a needle in his arm, is that news? I mean, you expect it, when they don't put a needle in their arm, that would be news.
So, what, he played in Brokenback Mountain, Bareback Mountain, whatever he was in, I forget what movie he was in. I never watched it - I'm not interested in softcore pornography, to be honest with you.
When I first heard Gene Autry, even though I was stuck inside the knish, I knew that there was a place outside the knish, where there was beautiful skies and bison and men who rode horses, as opposed to ersatz men who rode horses who played homosexuals who rolled in the hay together who then eventually stuck needles in their arm because they know that they had destroyed one of the true images of America in order to make a buck and they couldn't take the fact that they had sold down the river the image of the great America itself.
And that's just the Heath Ledger bit. The spew of homosexual hate and "agenda" conspiracy theories can be found elsewhere. But if John Gibson caught hell, where's the outrage about Savage?

Old Man Savage says: Get off my lawn you dirty gays!
"He's just a mean old man without a mommy!"

Did I mention his penchant for inappropriate characterizations?

Savage Norbit Characterization of Obama
Yes, this is a screenshot from his site.

Outrage would be good right about now.


Phojo6 said...

I think Savage/Weiner is physically and mentally the ugliest MF on American airwaves.

Many commentators have strongly suggested that he is a closet gay; no one could constantly spew such daily hatred vs gays -- and virtually anyone better known than he (of course, now we're talking about millions of people.)

He constantly carps about other prominent talk show hosts who will have nothing to do with him; won't invite him on their shows, etc. He professes that he doesn't care -- he wouldn't have them on his show, either. But when that rare person (I can only recall Newt Gingerich types) does agree to go on air with Savage, one hears the saddest ass kissing session imaginable.
He attributes all kinds of clever quotes to himself while often ripping off the original author.
His latest BS -- an alleged attempt to sue CAIR is, in my view, complete subterfuge. He will do or say virtually anything to draw (even negative) attention to himself -- such is his pitiful need.
It will be a banner day for the quality of American radio when Weiner finally hates himself into a tiny ball of caca and disappears from our public-owned air waves.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage voices his opinion in much the same way you do. I think both voices should be protected, even though he reaches a few more people. Check his ratings. Why is it that the big guns from air america have such small audiences? I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

You don't reason or bargain with people like him. You throw the same vile, hatred-filled logical bile at them.

How many times does it take civilization, collectively, to learn that outright putred hatred of a group of people is WRONG. It doesn't work. Maybe he needs reminding.

Michael Savage is Jewish. He is the reason Hitler was baking Jews in an oven. He and should have ended up never being born, or dying in a deathcamp or in one of Hitler's gas chambers. He is an abomination.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,
I don't happen to be jewish but I am nevertheless dissappointed by your anti semitic rant. I also say that your right to speak should be protected if, for no other reason, to allow the world to see the kindness we, as a society, grant to even the most intellectually and morally challenged members of that society, like yourself.

Ricky Shambles said...

I'm going to have to shoot with cerebus on this one, anon. Criticize the man's own hate, criticize his ignorance. But pick up his ignorance, his hate to launch an attack and you embody everything nasty that he stands for.

I believe if you look at our human past, Hitler, as many people and governments throughout history, have pegged Jews as the patsy when they couldn't place a name on the problems or weren't smart enough to figure out what they were, much like Savage pegs homosexuals and Muslims on a regular basis.

Savage is not a scourge, but an American speaker with many ignorant followers, and an excellent example of what NOT to be like.

Anonymous said...

I guess I wasn't clear. I wasn't being anti-semitic at all, I was being sarcastic. I don't believe in anything that I said.

I was making a point. The point being, my comments are obviously unacceptable. They are a reminder of what happens when one group of people is targeted for the problems of a country. Just as the Jews were so illogically blamed for the issues in Germany.

My point is that of all people, I'd never expect a Jewish person to perpetuate the idea of singling out a specific group of people for hatred and disdain.

Anonymous said...

And just to complete my thought, he, of all people should be enlightened enough so as not to perpetuate the very hatred and singling-out that his people so terribly had to endure. As a very convincing man with 8 million listeners, I wouldn't say he is benign.

Freedom of speech is one thing. Unfortunately ideas can evolve into ingrained beliefs. When beliefs lacking in morality sweep a nation, history tells us that bad things happen.

Anonymous said...

We talk about free speech and the exercise thereof. This is a freedom we enjoy in our democracy. Unfortunately, a successful democracy depends on a literate and aware electorate. With respect to our election, never have so many people flocked to the support of a candidate about which they know so little since the German people swept Adolph Hitler into power.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you people?? He's stating what he feels....and he's right!
I've had gay relations and heterosexual relations and I know that having gay sex is unnatural...
Everything in our world is comprised of male and female parts in order to work... You cannot build anything using male and male have to have male and female's the natural course of our world...
Yet you people want to pretend that being gay is natural?? Please!! I happen to like sex so that's why I don't care who i have it with...but I'd never, ever pretend that it's natural... As a matter of fact, the only reason it became interesting is because I was bored with having sex with different I tried men....but no gay man can kid himself and think it's part of human normalcy to live and act as husband and wife WITH A MAN!!
And what's worse...raising kids as a gay couple?? That's selfish! How many kids are being irreparably damaged because of gay men and women being selfish and raising kids?? Apparently they've forgotten how they had their butts kicked in school and how kids can be cruel..
I supppose gay people will think that this will make their kids that much stronger...but it's wrong. It's selfish....
And whether or not Savage is gay is irrelevant... The fact is we've feminized men because of the feminists who think that gay men are just an XY version of the superior woman....and this needs to stop.. We need men to act like men...not women...not in touch with their yin rather than their yang...
Anyway...keep drinking your kool-aid... maybe if you thought things through instead of getting it spoon fed to you by the gay mafia you'd realize that I'm right and Michael Savage is right...
Get with the program... Throughout world history, males acting like males is what pushed our race forward...and women acted like women.. There's too much gender confusion and we need to learn our place....and especially you liberal coelenterates!! 'Nuff said!!

Ricky Shambles said...


I will happily award you with the most verbose, ignorant, uninformed, poorly-constructed argument thus far on this post. You obviously have no true understanding of nature, history, logic, or constructing an argument. However, there is a very pronounced shard of self-loathing just below the surface. Best of luck with that.

V said...

Michael Savage is not Jewish - he's a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, led by the anti-American homophobe Fred Phelps. They have shared opinions on several matters, including mocking Heath Ledger, attacking victims of Hurricane Katrina, and calling for a genocide of homosexuals.l