Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Name 'n' Date: Jimmy 1972

Yay! Something New!

It's not complicated, but it is fun. Here's the setup: I go to Google Image Search, enter a first name and a date and pick the image I like the best. Boosh! The image only has to be the end result of the search, too; it may be an image on a page that came from the GIS. Let's get it on.

Jimmy 1972

Jimmy 1972

What do I like about this image? The boy who is a total douche, obviously primped by Mom; the girl who looks not only confident, but mildly evil; the baby who is almost an afterthought in the picture. In this case, the baby's name was Jim.

And what fun would it be if there was no macro?

Jimmy 1972 macro

And what fun would it be if there was no Photoshop?

Jimmy 1972 Photoshop

Yes, she's still evil.

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