Friday, February 29, 2008

Chez Pazienza, Fired From CNN for Blogging

Chez Pazienza was an accomplished producer for CNN with many years in the television industry. In 2006, he began blogging under his own name. To his surprise, the CNN "internal affairs" folks dug up his name and HR canned him. This is a couple days old, but if you haven't read his article at the Huffington Post, you need to read it. Now.

Too many times in today's economy, people are simply fired for convenience and the words that come out of HR's mouth could be just about anything, whether they made it up or keep it in a book they keep in a vault. Having worked in the television industry alongside producers like Chez, having a father from the same background, I can honestly say I feel for him; it's a barbaric business, as savage as the African savannas, and as devious as Dick Cheney and Carl Rove.
CNN fired me, and did it without even a thought to the power that I might wield as an average person with a brain, a computer, and an audience. The mainstream media doesn't believe that new media can embarrass them, hurt them or generally hold them accountable in any way, and they've never been more wrong.
I wish him luck.