Monday, March 17, 2008

Google Spams Job Boards

Google, the undisputed juggernaut of online search - and, frankly, most things internets - is, amongst those of us who wear the label Search Engine Marketing Specialist, well known for their constant prayer to the Goddess Relevance. This means that when you type a phrase, say "making delicious rhubarb pie," into Google's elegantly simple home page, the results will probably be recipe related because, based on your query, you want to make a pie. They pride themselves on this, with good reason: they're damn good.

I like to keep abreast of opportunities because in today's day and age, "uncertain times" does not so much make me think of terrorism as me being out of a job. So when I saw the following post on my Careerbuilder email, I jumped because, well, power makes me horny:

Google on Careerbuilder

Woo-hoo! Work for Google if I live in Ohio? Hells yeah. And then I followed the link.

Google Lied about Relevance

Bugger. Google is spamming the job boards and produced something that is completely irrelevant to me. Google: shame on you.

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