Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraq War Blogswarm - 3-19-08 - 3992

I'm sad to announce that, according to today's count on the Iraq Coalition Casualties website, that we're - on the 5 year anniversary of this illegal war - just 8 dead Americans short of 4000.

That last statement was foul.

If the lives of 8 more Americans were taken, if we had reached 4000, then maybe, just maybe, someone might have taken notice.

Five long years we've been in Iraq, dealing with a literal invasion, now dealing with a literal occupancy. And they still don't want us there. And while McCain lauds the victories while messing up the details, he still says "success," nothing is right.

We're fighting a war with young Americans who eventually want to go home and see their wives or their children, against radicals who will easily give their lives and only hope their children grow up to fight the infidels. How do we fight that war? McCain says: for 100 years.

In reality, it's thousands of American lives. Millions more overall, perhaps.

What we are doing - and will continue to do under a Republican rule - is to spit in the face of God, to eschew peace for military contracts that don't actually benefit our military, to hold policies about our military that don't actually help the men and women "fighting for our country" even when they come home.

I just want to bring those kids home. I want, as Kucinich said, "Strength through peace," not Peace through strength.

And then maybe we can stop the - now inevitable - 5000 American deaths.

God help us all.

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Freida Bee said...

We all know there is nearly nothing we can do until January and we are clearly expecting change in Jan. I just hope our newly elected president (Obama) will encourage and make happen the end of the bloodshed.