Friday, March 14, 2008

Io Musik: Sofa King Hott

io hidden traces

It's not every day you get to see a friend succeed. Today be that day:
Wooster-based band Io will release their debut CD effort "Hidden
Traces" worldwide on March 18th, available via global download from
ITunes,,, and

Io is the solo-project of local musician/producer Paul Hugon. Paul
performed, engineered, mixed, and produced the entirety of "Hidden
Traces" over a two-year time frame. The album's indie-rock-meets-abstract-electronic nine songs transition seamlessly together throughout the 38 minute disc, taking the listener down a meandering path of musical exploration.

"The genesis of the project is loosely-based on an old mental hospital located in southern Ohio.", stated Hugon. "..some bizarre and strange happenings have been going on there since around 1874--it was always a place I found mysterious and intriguing. All the tracks on the disc have passages... [that are] in reference to The Ridges".

The Athens, Ohio-based mental hospital has been closed since 1993.
"Roughly the time I started recording in my first home studio..",
Hugon recalls.

Artwork is in harmony with Io's music--to the tune of packaging design by Jennifer Hayes Art ( Ridges photos by Julie Mims and sleek design by Jennifer Hayes Art combine to creepily and effectively illustrate not only the former state mental hospital,but also the fresh and unique rhythms of Hugon's compositions.

Downloads will be available via the web sites listed above by April
18th, at the latest [links to follow]. To purchase a CD, send an email to or visit Io's myspace page at where you can also listen to tracks from the band.
Holy shitsmokes! Click and click away. And click. And enjoy.

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