Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mike Church - Brainwashing Kids, Blatant Lies

King Dude

Sirius Radio has given me new perspective on the horrors of right wing talk shows. First it was Andrew Wilkow. I can almost stomach the whole show. Now...

Right wingnut radio neo-con, Mike Church - also known as "King Dude" because of an apparent unhealthy love affair with "The Big Lebowski" but ironically looks like every other straight-laced repub - was spouting flat earth global warming "myth" garbage and bragging about how well-versed his daughters are in the mythos of global warming caused by the proximity of Earth to the sun on Thursday.

Specifically, he talked to his daughters about how the lumber industry is doing the world a great service because if they didn't cut down those trees, those trees would grow old and dry out and die. Or some shit. He went on to say that because of hippie lawsuits, the lumber market is suffering, and that the folks on the show "Ax Men" on the History Channel are actually Canadians because they couldn't find any Americans who were loggers anymore.

Couple things, Mike:
  1. Cutting down trees kills those trees. As you stated, those trees are reseeded. This is not a "natural process." Lightning and fires and decay are.

  2. The lumber market is suffering because of the failure of the housing market which was artificially inflated by rich, white repub bankers.

  3. The History Channel show "Ax Men" features American loggers logging in the American Pacific Northwest. Take two seconds not to sound like a boob.

Oh, Jesus, he just said the Liberals demanding religious tolerance in Tibet have no desire to extend the same tolerance to Mormons here in America. If he's referring to the recent spat in Texas where over 300 kids were taken into custody, Mike must be equating under-age sexual abuse - rape - to something that lives in the realm of acceptable religious practices. For someone with an 11 year old daughter, he should be ashamed.

I could write all day on this, but listening to him spew verbal diarrhea, yelling over the callers, putting everyone on defensive because of a perceived level of intelligence, and showboating musical parody as high comedy is giving me an ulcer.

UPDATE: 2 years later, I've been noticed by Mike Church. Read the comments here, then go to the modern post.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for reminding me why I don't listen to right wing radio. If I want to hear that crap all I have to do is to turn on CNN, FOX, of any of the network news shows.

Anonymous said...

You accuse Mr Church of not getting the facts on the logging show because he didn't watch it. To base your criticism on one segment of HIS show is just as ignorant as what you accuse him of. People like me who listen often, know that most of what you are talking about was sarcasm and hyperbole. We do appreciate that bleeding hearts like you and your followers listen to the left wing crap like ed shultz and lynn samuels. It's going to be great when you liberal whiners finally figure out that "we are right, you are wrong, and that's the end of the story"!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky. It is time for you to learn about what you are talking about. The "Mormons" is a nick name for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are thinking of the "Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" they are a break off from the main church, they are few in numbers, and Are not recognized by the main LDS church!!

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up... all the views your getting are because Mike Church has shared this article on facebook. Your blog is like something from the Twilight Zone. I keep telling my self people like you do not exist and that Rocky Shambles is just some sort of bad dream but I dunno.... maybe you really do exist? Some citizen's really can be that stupid?


See Mike Church has something you will never have. A fan base that (in all forms capitalism) pay to listen to him. I would pay good money to avoid people like you.

Kez Creates said...

People certainly have differing opinions and that is fair enough. I on the other hand enjoy Mike Church's show far more than any other 'talk radio' I have listened to in my entire life. His is the only program I can listen to in it's entirety every single day in the presence of all of my children without fear of what they may hear. Unlike Sirius Left which I can NEVER listen to at any time of day due to the unfortunate loose use of curse words. I have yet to listen to any program on that channel without the F bomb being dropped eventually, or continuously. Opinions aside on the base issues at hand, Church does not have the longest running program for 'brainwashing'.

Anonymous said...

40 followers?? I am pretty sure I saw a pet rock with more friends on facebook. I will post the link.

Anonymous said...

Sorry looks like you beat the pet rock by 9.

Good job! You are better then a pet rock.

Anonymous said...

Mike Church is not a neocon, genius. He's antiwar, anti-torture, etc., and he took those positions even though it cost him listeners. Why doesn't that interest you? Why does every leftist have to be an automaton? Can't you perceive any shades of difference between Wilkow and Church? This just blows my mind.

Ricky Shambles said...

Oh, so many faceless responses, so little time! Let's see if we can address some of them:

Anon1:"You accuse Mr Church of not getting the facts on the logging show because he didn't watch it." No. I accuse him of getting it wrong. If he didn't watch the show or made an assumption, he was ignorantly - as opposed to deliberately - misinforming his listeners, apparently all of whom would not have checked the validity of the statement. I'm glad that by reading my blog you are now better educated.

FYI, I can't stand Lynn and "we are right, you are wrong" belongs to someone else. Check your local listings.

Anon2: I am aware of Mormons and LDS. I was reporting what Mike was saying. If I was mistaken about the nuance it was because it was portrayed ignorantly from the source. I guess I'm not so different from his other listeners - they don't check the details of what he says either. See Anon1.

p.s. "nickname" is one word.

Anon3: Thanks for the heads-up! If my blog is like the Twilight Zone, it's because reality is too. (heck, check out my Van Mural Wedensdays!) Capitalism is lovely and people doling out cabbage to listen to Mr. Church is a great example.

Bonus advice: The Elements of Style by E.B. White will clean up that grammar nicely.

Kez: Thank you for an identity! I agree with you that the left side of Sirius is more foul-mouthed, but I actually spend more time on the right side of the dial, and not just to attack or make fun. Regular readers of my blog know that, and I've taken a handful of unpopular positions. But there are also many swears in my blog.

By "brainwashing" I was referring to his reported inundation of his own daughters against Global Warming. I'd guess my own daughter would also be technically "brainwashed" because of the views she sees Mom and Dad profess. But I would assure it's never against science or reality. Thanks!

Anon4/5: I'm sure Pet Rocks are great, though I've never owned one. I'm guessing their FB page is a little sad because of lack of content. Then again, I guess a rock doesn't post much. Thanks for the vindication!

Anon6: "neocon" was the proper term 2 years ago (this post is 2 years old) based on what I heard. I have not listened to Mike since then - and maybe I need to. I would guess the word "automaton" refers a little more to you as you saw a link, read ONE post out of over a thousand, and put me in your nice little box with a pretty bow on it. That just blows my mind. Okay, not really.

Thanks for the comments! I'm sure I'll get more and will comment on them as well.

ray said...

Funny, reading the Constitution verbatim is brainwashing but saying the housing crash was caused by white Rep. owned banks is not. Do you have proof that these owners are Rep. or is this just guessing. Hmm. History is brainwashing but guessing is not. You are a braindead Obama Zombie.

Anonymous said...

Mike Church IS King Dude!

Ricky Shambles said...

Woah, running a little behind on those last 2 posts.

ray: there's nothing "brainwashing" about reading the constitution verbatim. Not sure where you're coming from with that one. Generally, the problem I have with people who claim to be Constitutionalists is their interpretation, kind of like reading the Bible is not offensive, but it can turn out 31+ flavors of Christianity based on interpretation. However, the "brainwashing" part of the post had to do with global warming, which has nothing to do with the Constitution. Perhaps you should look over my post again. Verbatim.

Anon - that he is. Bow, parrot, and refuse to think for yourself!