Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Holy Shit I Made Mike Church's Facebook!?

It's true! If you go to Dude's Wall, Cause For Concern's post on Mike Church getting things wrong is listed with a lovely bevvy of his myrmidons commenting on my blog. It's delicious!

Apparently the trite, post-humorous host that swoons his followers with "dude" and words that begin with "über" was bored enough to ego-troll-surf to find a post over 2 years old. Ironically, shouts of "automaton" are spouted by Anynomous goons filtered to this blog by means only meant for silly listeners. I respond to those troll comments in my comment.

Most mentioned nag: I swears too much! OMG!

As with most right-wing readers, they swarm in with ad hominem attacks and fail to address the questions at hand (and those that do are laughable).

As I've said and exemplified many times over: I may bill myself as a Godless Liberal, but spend most of my listening time to the right side of the dial, and not just for sniping and attacking. I actually listen to both sides. The left just makes much more sense the majority of the time.

And my original post of 2 years ago stands: the words he spoke and I heard were either misleading or wrong. Nothing else.

That said, I always enjoy it when my points are proven by the ignorance of the responses. I'm sure I'll get more. Stay tuned!


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hate getting those negative comments by assholes. Personally, I almost never get negatie comments. I don't post about too many controversial things I guess or maybe it is that they don't visit my site enough because being 'cool' has never been of interest (or ability) to the Right.

My post on the Bible and religion is currently my most commented on blog post to date with almost 30 comments. Lost a number of followers after that too. Good Bye
to them I say.

wv - COLOMP - like in the sentence - "Those tools on the right can go 'colomp' themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rick,

Finally an opinion about Mike Church that was not put up by Mike Church. I honestly had no idea who this guy was until yesterday after a conservative friend of mine told me that he was his news source. I did my usual after learning about someone new, and tried doing a Google search. Nothing but Mike, I Googled again and surprise, surprise, more Mike and only Mike.

I finally hit the right word and up all of it came. He is just another brand with a legion of Ronbots going around the web keeping his name at the top of the search. many of his followers think he is the guy finding them on the web and commenting on their posts. I think it funny that my friend has not figured out that Mike Church has no college education just found a way to get people to spend money to listen to him. He is quoted in a article that he is up with the founding fathers because they wanted fame and therefore they wanted to be famous. The writer of the article could distinguish between the words either. Mike does not get that fame is about reputation not fans....

Ricky Shambles said...

Anon- Thanks. It reminds me why I listen to the "right" and need to put Mike Church back on my list; he's influential and needs to be called out on occasion. I appreciate the comment.