Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Poor-Ass Bombing

I'm listening to the teevee right now.

They are talking about the Times Square Non-Bombing that didn't quite happen yesterday.

Is this a joke? Is it April 1?

Seriously - the goon(s) who set the whole thing up basically tried to use firecrackers to ignite propane tanks that aren't even open and bet on gas canisters to make it go "boom."

The media is (barely) using the word "amateur." I would use the word "retarded." Irish Dancer (my daughter) could probably build a more effective bomb.

My biggest worry is not that the media is reporting the "dangers" of the stupidity of what was going on but what our government is doing right now.

We may be looking at a simple, retarded version of terrorism.

We may also be looking at a retarded version of terrorism that is a purposeful misdirection. Not a good one, but something altogether different.

If I was the US Gov't, I'd be focusing on what comes next, what this might be hiding.

But I'm sure they have plenty of operatives that do that...

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