Friday, May 09, 2008

Name 'n' Date - Jimmy 1973

Wow, I'm predictable. Last time it was Jimmy 1972 and before I looked back to see what I did last time, I've all of names and time in the world and I chose the same name a year later.

To recap: I type a name and a year into Google Image Search and see what comes up, what inspires me. No Photoshop this time, but I think it's still a worth a look. Captions always encouraged.

Jimmy Bunk 10 1973
Bunk 10 is Not Gay

Jimmy 1973 - Coon Killer
We'll Have Chicken on Sunday
(Note: Someone in this picture was named Toehead. Seriously.)

Jimmy 1973, Trophy
"I totally won the shit out of that."

1 comment:

Freida Bee said...

That guy on the right in that top picture is so about to pop someone with his towel.