Friday, June 06, 2008

You Have Been Left Behind?

You've Been Left Behind

Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, two fundamentalist whack-nutters who have used those who have interpreted the quixotic and relative book of Revelation as a message for the End of Days and made a happy profit on spreading their mental disorder have spawned a business.

The website, You've Been Left Behind, offers a service: for a fee, you are able to compose letters to your beloved, yet un-saved, relatives, friends, and co-workers, and save them on the server attached to email addresses. Six days after the Rapture - when Jesus meets all his followers in the sky to leave the unbelievers behind to endure the Tribulation - you will get your email, explaining why Jesus loves them more and you're Left Behind.

Question (Series) One: Is not the presumption of Salvation of yourself and judgment of another's actions as lesser than yours Pride? Isn't paying money to join a service assuming others sin guaranteeing your place in hell?

Question (Series) Two: How does the server know when to send the emails? If this place is run by Believers, would there not be a lack of Believers after the Rapture and, therefore, no one to execute the order? If run by non-believers, how can you trust them? And, finally, if you trust your emails and the potential salvation of un-saved loved ones to believers who, with their website, are making a promise of potential salvation to you and God, and they are Raptured, are they then sent back for lying when the basic premise is violated?

The message of this post is: Believers running the scheme can never be proven to deliver on their promise, if it is even possible to do so, and anyone subscribing is a sucker.


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