Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hannity Shenanigans - Douchebaggery!

Hannity Shenanigans. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

I'm listening right now to the douchbaggery we all know and love as Sean Hannity's radio show. He just asked a caller who brought up Bush's approval rating to name "one significant, meaningful accomplishment" that the US Congress - which apparently has a lower rating than Bushbag - has achieved. The caller responded that Congress raised minimum wage. Hannity hit back: "I said a significant, meaningful accomplishment." Caller repeated "minimum wage." And then Sean switched it up to Minimum wage? They've been in power two years and that's all they've done?"

If your brain shut off at Sean's name, he just asked for a single significant accomplishment and when that was met said one was not enough.

Sean went on to talk to another caller who wanted to discuss Obama's support of criminals who have paid their debt to society and need to start again. "Okay, he supports felons" was what Sean immediately turned it into. What the fuckery?

ugh...need to stop today...just said Obama "has nothing of core values or beliefs."

In honor of this idiocy and twistaroundery, I'm working on a photoshop of "Hannity as Assclown."

Coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hannity is a superdouche. I don't know how you listen to him without losing your sanity. But then, where you live, the message is pretty monopolized isn't it?

I'm looking forward to your assclown photoshop.