Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Terrorism? How Low can John Go?

From last week, but caught this at Huffington (hard to keep up with all the RNC's desperate measures). This mailer went out last week from the RNC:

RNC Terrorist Front Image

RNC Terrorist Inside Image

In case you skimmed that first image, it is a photograph of a plane in front of an airport terminal (luggage gives it away, presents plausible deniability), so framed to appear as though it is about to crash into a building, viewed from inside, people in silhouette, imagery obviously composed to evoke 9/11 and - paired with the inside - imply that Obama supports the 9/11 terrorists.

What the fuck?

John McCain's response when asked if he agreed with this mailer?


John McCain has gone from respectable but un-electable to not-so-respectable adulterer to angry, hateful war-monger to today's new low rating of sad, sorry, desperate, despicable human being. Can we get worse? Is the next step killing Americans and framing Obama?

Would you be okay with this if you'd just given the RNC some cash?

The upside, of course, is that it proves McCain is a liar about running a respectable campaign while wasting time and money on hate which, according to all his own polling, is not what anyone wants to hear. Pull up the boots and keep digging, asshole.

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Jennifer Hugon said...

Ah got to love the attack lit. When I used to work on political campaign collateral at my old job, we always refused to do negative lit. No one likes it. It isn't effective. Except maybe to urge votes for the other candidate. Problem is, both sides use the same tactics and we are left with a choice between the lesser of two douche bags. Most of the time. I will agree that McCain's campaign is looking mighty desperate and ugly at this point.