Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Limbaugh Mind Meld Hula on Obama Fail

Rush Limbaugh Mind Fuck Hula

There's been much hullabaloo surrounding Rush Limbaugh and his calling out the Fail Whale (Wail) on Obama. Pundits say he did, he says he was misquoted, blah blah, insert sanctimonious bullshit.

The regular conservatives openly want Obama to fail. Remember all that bullshit they spewed during the election that Democrats want the troops to fail so their argument wins? Add some truth to the angle, and you've got what Republicans need right now: Obama fails means they win. But because most of them are smacking with one hand and begging for stimulus handout with the other, it's kind of a two-faced mess.

Rush, on the other hand, is not beholden to stimulus money, so he has concocted a much more devious rhetoric. Coming from Rush Limbaugh's mouth on today's radio show, he does not want Obama to fail; he wants Obama's plans to fail.

Let's follow the lack of logic, shall we? Limbaugh's entire argument is built upon the pretense that Obama's plans (stimulus, etc.) are not designed to help America. Entertaining any other thought on this premise or reflecting on what success means and how it affects "helping America" is cut off as "a trap" in his language.

This is the setup. A setup to what, you ask? To the two possibilities that drape Rush with success like purple-print muʻumuʻu.

Possibility One: In 6 months, perhaps a year, if our economy is in the shitter worse than it is now, Rush laments. Obama's plans were not good for America and Obama's success was America's downfall. My dear, faithful listeners, I fear I was right.

Possibility Two: In 6 months, perhaps a year, if our economy is in much better shape than it is now, Rush laments. Obama's plans were not good for America. And by a combination of Obama failing and the perserverence of the private sector, America has prospered. My dear, faithful listeners, I'm glad I was right.

Of course, this is the worst form of flawed logic. He's telling all his listeners that he's playing chess. He knows enough to know he's not playing chess, but he also knows his listeners don't know how to play chess. And anyone calling bullshit on his stunt will suffer an ad hominem attack parallel to the sandbox bully shouting "dummy" at you. Only this bully has many, many parrots.

So, to be clear: Rush is setting himself up for a path to success despite what the outcome of reality is. And anyone who attacks his custom-made Puff-a-Lump Beanie Baby Easy Chair is nailed by him as trying to trap or trick him.

Congratulations, Rush. Well-played. Now, if we could get the media off the semantics of misquotes and into the nuance of your bullshittery, we might be on to something here. Unfortunately, a lot of folks on our side don't know how to play chess either.


Lisa said...

That picture is too much!

Rush isn't interested in anything other than enriching himself and gross self-aggrandizement.


How was the onion soup, Monsieur?

Anonymous said...

Asking for Obama to fail is to wish a modern Great Depression on America and the rest of the world. With Peak Oil looming, regardless of current prices, we must invest in a sustainable future. Both parties just continue the mantra of sustain the unsustainable. While amassing huge debts and allowing the entire financial system turned into a giant Ponzi scheme.