Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Taking Pause - a Reality Rant

Oh, stop it. For a day. And it's not even a pause because I'm actually posting. Really. You're reading it right now.

I'm making some French Onion Soup and sniffling from that and still have a couple calls to make for business purposes and nothing really caught my eye or ear and dragged me to the computer and smacked me in the back of my head and shouted "Blog about it!" Which is what happens most days.

Wait a second, have to stir the onions. Yummy. Starting to caramelize.

Okay, so I was talking about how I didn't really have any impetus today, no driving political or religious purpose to tell you how Obama is totally sweet or Limbaugh sucks or the Pope's a douchebag. Honestly, I'm still reveling in yesterday's post on Rush Limbaugh and laughing my ass off every time I see that photoshop. **small pat on the back**

Okay, okay, let's take a look at Drudge.

Bullshit, bullshit, Rush is lovely, Obama's not, ugly cats, Russia wants to kill us, China wants to kill us, Palestinians are terrorists and they want to kill us, and no one - still - gives a shit about Michael Jackson. Nothing new.

So the point of all of this was not to have a point at all. I haven't done a free-form, stream-of consciousness thing for a long time. Ever? I don't know, but it's liberating, in an odd way. I don't necessarily have to write about anything yet the act of writing about not writing about anything is, in fact, writing about something.

So, go hit that Rush article. Just don't choke on your poi when you see the pic.

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