Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shows I'm Currently / Recurringly Watching

For no apparent reason and in no apparent order, these are the shows I currently watch on the teevee. Yes, I watch too much teevee.

The Amazing Race
CSI: Miami
The Mighty Boosh
Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!
Robot Chicken
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Mentalist

That is all.


Naomi said...

You may watch too much teevee, yes. But you are picking up my slack -- I stopped watching TV in February, 1993. Nothing dramatic, mind you. It's just not possible to follow shows when you're a) home four days out of every month and b) you don't have analog signal (now obsolete) and can't justify four days on a monthly cable fee.

On the upside, I can proudly announce that I have never watched one single moment of American Idol, Survivor, Friends, etc. And only watched four consecutive episodes of Sex in the City (while holed up in a motel room while the truck was being fixed).

However, thanks to ABC Full-Episode Player and HULU, I have kept au courant with all LOST and Fringe episodes. (And I watched the entire season of Dancing with the Stars with the best crew: Anton Apollo Ono, Leyla Ali, and Joey Fatone. Yeah, I hear you snickering, but that's okay.)

They are the only shows worth watching, IMHO...

Freida Bee, MD said...

The Family Guy
Lie to Me


The Mentalist,

because 9 year-old and I like to crack jokes about it..., and we don't have cable.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

To much TV? TO MUCH TV? That is crazy talk. Step away from the edge and revel in your TV addiction brother. I like your whole list except for CSI Miami. Since they tricked me at the season's beginning with death of Caruso - THE worst actor in the history of television - that show has jumped the shark for me. What you need to catch up on when the seaso ends for all these great shows is BURN NOTICE. Look forward to discussing any of these shows with you in the future when I post about them.