Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Smokers Should Go Fuck Themselves

[I am a smoker - run through a pack in about a week, in a night if I'm drinking heavily.]

Humana, here in Cincinnati and elsewhere, is saying NO to hiring smokers.

Obviously, over the course of time, some smokers take advantage of their smoke breaks, some smokers rack up sick days and some of those days have to do with smoking.

But as the comments - and my own opinion - suggest, people who are overweight log more sick days too. I guess we need to not hire fat people. And people with kids use their sick days to stay home with their kids when their two-working-parent home would otherwise be vacated. We should probably not hire people with kids either.

I understand the logic, but am terrified at the slippery slope we are working at.

How do we resolve these ideas? How do I resolve them in my own head?


Randal Graves said...

This is why we should only hire illegal immigrants. They'll work for a pittance, and we are able to can their ass without a moments' notice.

- American CEOs

Anonymous said...

Here's how to look at it. Why do you smoke to begin with? What is the pro's of why you smoke? What is it actually doing for you in a positive way? Now weigh all the negatives that come with being a smoker.

Now look at it this way. Smokers and I've worked with plenty on a lot of different jobs I've had throughout my life are constantly in need of a smoke break. I've seen people go outside in a part time shift of only 4 hours about 10 different times for 10-15 minutes a piece just to have a cigarette. Now add that up and you see they're getting paid a 4 hour shift to really do only 2 hours of work cause most of it was spent outside smoking.

Now if you have children in your house who have no say so whatsoever in what you do as the parent, ask yourself I wonder if my cigarettes that I smoke from 6pm to midnight bother my 6 and 10 year old at all who can't escape for fresh air.

Cigs are just bad all around for anyone. They serve no purpose but to make corps/gov rich at the expense of everyone's health with the 4000+ chemicals that pollute our needed oxygen.

Ricky Shambles said...


You're barking up the wrong tree here. I work from my home office and don't smoke until later in the evening if at all in a night.

The point I was making is very direct: Businesses hire a person for productivity, nothing more. Whether it's smoking or being overweight or having kids that limits that productivity, it suffers.

If they can stop hiring smokers, fat people are next and parents are suspect.

I was simply identifying the first link on the chain of the exclusion deal.