Monday, June 15, 2009

On That Chicago Chick WITHOUT a Dead Baby

So a woman in Chicago started a blog about her pregnancy. The baby had a terminal illness and to die quickly after birth. But she would still have the baby. And anti-abortion nutters went gaga. Juicy fucking emotive gaga.

And then she published a picture of her and the newborn and concluded the story saying that the child had died. At least one of her readers owned the same creepy, lifelike newborn doll (surprise!), and called out shenanigans. And then it unraveled. You can read April Rose Mom Beccah Beushausen's apology, which is all that is left of the blog, here.

Beccah says she actually did lose a child in 2005 and that this was her finding that voice, a way to deal with that loss. But that's not the interesting part.

The right wing, anti-abortion zealots who had found a poster child, a patsy, an exemplar of their beliefs, are outrageously pissed. She betrayed their trust, made a mockery of their convictions, blah blah blah. And from what I've read, the left wing, surprisingly, is not soaking in the schadenfreude, but bitching their own sanctimonious bullshit about how awful it was to get the right wing, anti-abortion zealots all worked up over a false prophet. [NOTE: I'm guessing the glurge from the left is only emerging now because, like me, most of us only heard about this once the hoax became public and if we'd heard about the blog before we wouldn't have given it 5 seconds of our time.]

To both sides: stop your fucking whining.

To the right: You're the same mess that goes into depression in week 10 of Survivor because after the merge, the cute guy from Boston wasn't the tried-n-true person you thought he was. You got suckered. Get the hell over it. If you spend that much time on the internet and don't know that you're probably reading or viewing something that's potentially not true dozens of times a day, you deserve the emotional punch. It's the internet! Someone started a blog and started a story, played a role. There are no guarantees that anything is real. Hell, my name's not really Ricky Shambles! Gasp! And instead of doing something for real about your beliefs, you hung your hat on baby April, your sacrificial lamb. That's right; Beccah was just the vessel, and the fact that the vessel would allow that child to come into the world and potentially suffer a great deal before quickly dying rang a bell in some sick, sad part of you, justified that anti-abortion-under-any-circumstance bit that you're irrationally and desperately holding on to.

And then none of it was real. And your beliefs are hanging nowhere. And in a completely viable act of mob-rule ego-protection, you exhibit anger and flap the naive flag that all is not what it seems on the internets. Stop. You're compounding your foolishness.

To the left: Anything you say right now about being angry at Beccah is muddying the very clear whine of a million outraged suckers. Stop.

Keyboard cat, play the fools out...


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Great bitch slap on the hypocracy of the whole issue. And NICE touch to have keyboard cat play them off. Is there any situation that KC doesn't make better?

Megan said...

Well said.

Ricky Shambles said...

Thank you both for the comments. It's sad to see so many people baying at the moon - so to speak - about their own foolishness. It's like if everyone in the blogosphere found out that Lonelygirl15 was a show freaked the hell out.

Dur. Meh.

Ricky Shambles said...

Oh, and no, Cal, there is nothing that KC doesn't make better.

Keyboard Cat, play him off...

Silliyak said...

You had me until you revealed you're NOT Ricky Shambles. YOU ARE TOO! I can click on your name and it takes me somewhere! It's on the Internet, IT MUST BE TRUE!