Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick! Rush Day is Every Day!

Today, Rush Limbaugh spewed a particularly absurd stream of verbal diarrhea (aka logorrhea) where he espoused the wonder and acceptance of the Republican party, saying that the Left is divisive and looking to break apart the country and the Republicans? They don't separate people into groups. "We don't even see groups."

He then immediately turned around and read from and wholeheartedly agreed with an article about how the Supreme Court could be grouped into New England educational elitists, how Obama is an elitist for living in Hyde Park and only one Justice is from the South.

Because he doesn't see groups.

Oh, and just before that he went on a tirade that there was an article about how the Right was trying to make Elena Kagan out to be a lesbian - whether she was one or not - and ranting about how the Left was making a big deal about it because of the publishing of the article. Guess what, Rush? You just did what you claim the Left is doing about what the Right is doing to damage the character of a viable SCOTUS candidate. Classy.

He still frustrates me, but at least he's just his own parody at this point. Not much I can to to juice the idiocy. I just have to tell you about it.

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