Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Van Mural: Bungalows & Dragons!

I was going to crop this first one to highlight the van itself, but what better to highlight a mediocre van mural than by retaining the shitty bungalow in lower-middle class suburbia as its backdrop?

Mediocre Bungalow Van Mural

And because I'm always down with twofers (especially when pertaining to numbers of concomitant nightly sexual partners), here's another love for you. Pimped as any Conan-Dragon-Lady mural-ed van should be!

Dragon Van Mural!

As a matter of fact, I believe I'll be doing some dragon mural research for next week. Expect a big'n!


Anonymous said...

"..shitty bungalow in lower-middle class suburbia.."
What class are you?

Ricky Shambles said...

Wow, Anon, you're right. I sound like an elitist douche!

I actually spent much of my life in suburban bungalows. But they were much more well-kept than the one in the picture.

As for my class, I'd venture to say upper-middle class now, though the definition of any strata of middle class at this point is entirely subjective. I'm not well-off but own a house and my own business in a relatively affluent neighborhood.