Friday, May 14, 2010

Right Wing, Kagan, Saudi Arabia

And that's when my head exploded.

Media Matters today points out that WorldNetDaily hacks claim Kagan helped shield terrorist supporters. They claim this because under Dubya she advised against lawsuits against the Saudi Royal Family. However, administration policy at the time was a very staunch and public view that lawsuits would hurt the administration's ability to conduct foreign policy as they saw fit. Done deal.

So let's take a short trip to InsaneoLand, where everything is just one degree off, and presume Kagan, during the Bush administration, had advised FOR lawsuits against the Saudi Royal Family. What would our hypocritical whackjobs have said then? I'll venture a guess:
  • Kagan is only out to get Bush and Bush doctrine.

  • Kagan is attacking Bush's relationship with the Saudi Royal Family.

  • Kagan is threatening our access to reasonably-priced oil.

  • Kagan is threatening national security.

  • Kagan is misdirecting her efforts and needs to focus on [insert other terrorist country here].

  • Kagan is on a witch hunt.

  • Kagan is a lesbian.

Hmmm...guess that last one shows that even in InsaneoLand, in an odd juxtaposition, Republicans can avoid hypocrisy when unifying in bigotry. Classy.

But the point is this: The Republican war against anything Obama and/or Democrat is reaching (okay: has reached) absurd proportions. They're blocking over 50 uncontroversial appointees with cowardly secret freezes, inserting porn amendments into decent bills, and blatantly arguing against one thing when the opposite would've raised even more hackles in the party. Aaaaaaahhhhh!

If the Republican Party's goal is to drive the opposition nuts, they're working it to the bone. But they're doing so at the expense of credibility; This is the "Waiting for Godot" of politics, performed in leather fetish clown outfits by amateurs who understand neither humor nor absurdity.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Just another one of those lesbian haters of freedom.

Ricky Shambles said...

I keep imagining the goons on the right repeatedly making a joke pertaining to a finger in a dyke and slapping themselves on the back every time like they just made up teh funny.