Thursday, June 03, 2010

Right Wing Logic

I believe I've found the mathematical root of right wing logic. Enjoy.


Chris said...

This clip is even more telling than simply detailing their faulty exemplifies their persuasion techniques as well.

It starts with their faulty logic when they actually believe the falsehood. Note the earnestness of Mr. Right-wing Mathematician. He is not out to 'fool' his boss (the American people?). He actually believes this crap.

Then he repeats the falsehood from multiple angles, always coming back to the fundamentally flawed premise.

We've learned that if you repeat a lie often enough, no matter how outrageous, it begins to seep into the public consciousness. And unfortunately, they start to think that way as well.

Mr. Right-wing's boss offered to give him a job if he could 'prove it'. Deficits are bad... Let's repeat that over and over and come election time?

Now I'm not suggesting that all Right-wingers are idiots who actually believe what they say, only most of them.

The others are simply evil, understanding that what they say is a perversion of the truth. But feeling morally justified, because their cause is right, the ends justify the means.

A wonderful illustration.

Thank you Mr. Shambles.

Ricky Shambles said...

Chris - Way to take the analysis a level or two deeper! How was it I only recently found you?

Chris said...

There are a lot of tubes here in the interwebs.