Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Videos: 7 Degrees of Alabama

Comedy Gold follows. Be prepared. And in the spirit of full disclosure, it's only really 6 from Alabama and a turtle fucking a shoe.

This is a news story from Alabama about 4 years ago. Some folks saw a leprechaun:

Another story from Alabama, apparently attempted rape - with a message:

And just in case someone starts waaambling about how attempted rape cannot be funny:

And yes, I knew (guessed) turtles made that noise when I was 14. I feel radically vindicated 19 years later.


Holy shit, Alabama - what is wrong with you? This is a recorded conversation when a Huntsville reporter is interrupted by a bystander. WTF?

...and we can't forget the Flea Market video...

Oh, my Christ, make me stop Alabama!

Okay, Cullman Liquidation Ctr, but you're the last one!

Have a great weekend!

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