Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In Short: Hispanics Apathetic

While the Hispanic population of the USA is still overwhelmingly Democratic by party, seems a recent poll shows they're less than enthusiastic in the "go get 'em vote!" category. Congrats Hispanics: you've successfully joined the rest of the voting populace.

The problem here, Hispanics, is that if you sit on your haunches and let the Republicans win you may find a friend or relative very quickly heading back south of the border as the rest of the country starts to resemble Arizona.

In case you missed the memo in focusing solely on Hispanic discrimination, Republicans really only like and want to help rich white people (and only include women because they are a necessary life support system for vaginas). They want to send African-Americans back to Africa, yellow people back to the Far East, brown people back wherever they came from, white trash to New Jersey, and you can see how they want to make the sandy, olive-skinned Muslims the new American Indian Extinction Project - and that's based on a mandate from God!

So get off your haunches next month and just vote straight Democratic. Heck, once they get in office, you can write and email and call and Tweet and blog Democrats into paying attention. Republicans will just quietly sneer at you on the other side of that fence from their limo's window. Unless, of course, you land the gig as their driver.


Kay Dennison said...

Well said. My last job before I retired was at our local Hispanic center and I really loved it and our clients. However, I think the problem for many is that most are working 2-3 jobs and haven't much time to worry about politics.

Then again, the ones who do vote are passionate. Here's one of my favorite conversations from my work there. It took place in the summer.

Sergio: I went to Cleveland yesterday.

Kay: Immigration court?

Sergio: No, no, no! You know I citizen now.

Kay: Sorry, I forgot. So why were you in Cleveland?

Sergio (very proudly): I went and saw President Obama!!!!

Kay: Way cool! But the election isn't until November -- he hasn't won yet.

Sergio (indignant): What???? You no think he can win?

Kay: I hope he wins but I'm waiting to Election Day to get excited.

Sergio: He will win. I know it!

And it hit me that I don't ever remember being so enthusiastic about voting.

And his example warmed my jaded, cynical old heart and reminded me why I liked my job so much.


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Does part of the problem have anything to do with a language barrier? I think I heard that major door-to-door campaign efforts/outreach is needed with disenfranchised populations, else they don't tend to vote..Just wondering.

Kay Dennison said...

Robyn: I'm sure that's a factor, too. It takes time learn to speak a new language and just as long to learn to read a new language. And most Americans only have one language.