Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Van Extravaganza: Scary to Magnificent!

It's almost Wednesday...

Makes me feel dirty

This too, though clearly a 'shop. '70's all over, bad "spraypaint" job.


Triple wolf howl with huge ...well, at least you know who's doin' the rapin'.

I am blinded by the magnificence of moon-howling wolf, wizard, and unicorn. Seriously, if there is a sworded warrior, dragon, and scantily clad woman on the other side it would be tangible awesome on four wheels, a gift from the gods themselves.


Kal said...

You are my go-to site for creepy pervert vans.

thatgirl said...

totally amazing.

Anonymous said...

MRU!!! (Mobile Rape Unit's)

Ricky Shambles said...

Anon - Absolutely. I actually started this type of post with the Rape Van in mind, but thought it was a little specialized and potentially offensive. HOWEVER, if you click the RAPEVAN tag at the bottom of the post it will list all of my van mural posts.